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Maria sat in the hospital waiting room, praying for a miracle. “Please God let him be okay” she repeated over and over again.

Hearing about her son’s accident had shocked her to her core. This is not how they would be saying goodbye, she thought, considering how their relationship had been in the past few years.

Adam was Maria’s only child, her baby. She still remembers when she saw him for the first time 19 years ago. He had the same brown almond-shaped eyes and curly hair as hers. Anyone could tell he was her son just by looking at him, he was a replica of Maria.

Well, not anymore.

Over the years the partying, the addictions, the excessive drinking had made him a completely different person. The dark circles under his eyes and the wrinkles on his face had made him unrecognizable to her.

They had tried Rehab a couple of times, but every time he had an excuse and somehow escaped.

After moving out last year, Adam hadn’t been in any contact with his mother at all, considering the last fight they had. He had needed money, but Maria refused, again.

With her double shifts as a nurse, she barely earned enough to cover the rent, let alone give her son money to spend on booze.

Adam had crushed his spine in the accident. The doctors said it was going to be a long and difficult surgery.

After sitting in the waiting room for what felt like ages, Maria was about to doze off when she felt someone touch her hand.

It was Adam. He looked so much better, almost like her Adam, her baby. The dark circles had disappeared and he looked much younger.

“Mom”, he kissed her hand and looked up at her, teary-eyed. “Oh Adam, My baby you’re okay! Thank God”, Maria expressed her relief. Then she heard the words she had been waiting to hear for the longest time.

“I am so sorry, I have been a terrible son to you. I love you. Can you ever forgive me?”, and at that moment Maria felt her anger fade away like all the other times he had done this growing up. Like all the fights never happened. She hugged him as hard as she could.

Maria was ready to take him home. Everything was finally going to be okay. Her baby had come back to her. “ I have given you enough sorrows over the years, promise me you will never cry over me again?” Adam said, wiping her tears as she nodded.

He then took off his locket from around his neck and handed it to her with a smile. The locket had been a gift by her late husband, with a picture of the three of them inside it. It was her favorite picture, the only picture of the three of them.

It was the most precious thing to her, hence she had given it to the most precious person, on his 6th birthday.

Before Maria could comprehend what was happening, She was woken up by a jolt.

She saw the nurses and doctors running towards Adam’s room. So she got up and followed them to the room as well, unable to understand what was happening.

That’s when she saw the monitor. Adam had flat lined.

All of a sudden there was silence. Pin drop silence.

It was like everything was happening in slow motion. She saw Adam take his last breath. She saw the doctors give him CPR. She felt the nurses take her out of the room. But she knew he was gone.

How could this be happening? She just saw him. He was completely fine. Her Adam was finally about to come home.

Losing her balance, Maria fell to the floor. She cried like she never cried before. That is when she realized something and ran to the room again. Adam wasn’t wearing his locket. No, it can’t be, she thought to herself.

Very slowly, she started to walk towards the waiting room, where she had seen him.

And there it was. Adam’s locket, placed on the sofa, exactly where she had dreamt about him.

He was here. He really was here.

She grabbed the locket and held on to it as tightly as she had hugged her son a while ago.

Wiping her tears, she put the locket around her neck and felt a smile spread across her face.

After all, she had promised her son she wouldn’t cry.

A Dentist Who Loves To Write.

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