10 Signs You Might Be An Obsessive-Compulsive Over-Thinker

Because you’re not just an introvert, you are an oversensitive overthinking introvert

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Generally, parties and big gatherings are where you meet new people. However, if you’re over-sensitive — it can be cruel.

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Your oversensitive nature makes you over-expect at all times.

You’re a big jumble of thoughts ready to spring out.

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Replaying the day and sleepless nights.

Over-sensitive people are generally good at absorbing the emotions of other people.

You don’t just get over things that easily.

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Making up scenarios that will never happen.

Forget about love life.

You cry easily (very easily)

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You wear your feelings on your sleeves — and your face.

Being an oversensitive over-thinker sure has its downside, but it’s not all for the bad…

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But most importantly you are unapologetically yourself.

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A Dentist Who Loves To Write.

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